Open Our Hearts to Love

Open our hearts: We are here in this world to reach our potential and literally become like God, with giving and sharing as the foundation of our being. The purpose of our lives is to transform ourselves so that we can receive complete and ultimate fulfillment. The process of self-transformation takes place between ourselves and other people, in our relationships.†

Our relationships ó especially those with the people to whom we are closest ó are the real opportunities we are given to emulate the tolerance, sharing, and love that are Godís essence. These are the qualities that our relationships can teach us, and these are the qualities we most need to learn if we are to fulfill the true purpose of our lives. When we open our hearts and once we understand this, everything that takes place between ourselves and others appears in a new light.†

In the joyful moments that we share we foster this transformation; even hard times or points of conflict are opportunities for positive change. In fact, the difficult moments we face are the real opportunities that a relationship gives us. What seems to be a problem is actually a gift: a chance to remove an internal obstacle that stands between ourselves and the unlimited happiness that is our real destiny. It is a chance to open our hearts.

The greatest challenge in any relationship is to learn how to be unconditional. It's not about being in control of the relationship; it's about injecting love and compassion into the relationship. Long term relationships in any form require chemistry and potential.†

If you keep experiencing the same relationship problems over and over again, itís because you havenít realized where the real problem lies. Youíre still waiting for the other person to change without really correcting the aspects of yourself that you need to transform. This is called karma. There must be an individual desire to change for your own self purpose. Your closest relationships are the place where your karma can really be completed ó where you donít just find the person you were looking for, but literally transform yourself into the person you are meant to be. Holidays and family gatherings are perfect for opening our hearts.†

BECOMING the right person ó not finding the right person ó is the real key to loving relationships. Whatís more, difficulties and disagreements are opportunities for us to become that right person ó to take complete responsibility, both on the practical level of how we deal with conflict, and on the level of how we see our lives as a whole.†

When we shift perspective away from "being right" and toward opening our hearts and helping those we love ó especially when weíre angry ó anger immediately dissipates. This is not a miracle; itís simply the way things work at the level of positive and negative energies. Just as darkness cannot coexist with light, conflict cannot remain when you have a true intention to help and share with others.†

Being in love ó and opening our hearts and ourselves to an infinite range of shared emotions and experiences ó becomes much more than just romantic or exciting. On a far more profound level, at the level of our souls, we are changing and growing. We are literally drawing closer to God, and in so doing we are opening ourselves to the fulfillment that closeness brings.

God created the world; God caused us to come into being. Our task is to become the cause in our own life and our own right: to emulate the sharing essence of God, and in this way receive the fulfillment that God desires and intends for us. This is the knowledge and the wisdom that our relationships have come to teach us.†

This is what we must open our hearts to learn.

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